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What are the benefits after attending this course?
  • Significantly improve your chances of success in an interview.
  • Get the better jobs with a professional resume
  • Use our professional tips, avoid common mistakes and improve your chances of a better job.


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9:00  - 12:00h


What else do you get for free?

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  • You get access to free templates for your résumé and the appropriate cover letter.
  • Access to videos on the topic.
  • During the seminar we offer refreshments and small snacks.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to speak to the tutor.
  • Book your individual job placement right after the course and secure your personal discount.

And the Fee?

Grab 10% Discount !

  • Course fee: 1750Rs.
  • 750Rs due upon application,
  • Get a 10% discount on your total payment when submitting your application!
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